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You name a time and place, and we'll send a mobile mechanic in a fully-equipped van. Count on Firestone Direct for select maintenance, tire and parts services in Charlotte Uptown.

Firestone Direct - Charlotte Uptown
Firestone Direct - Charlotte Uptown
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Why Choose Firestone Direct for Charlotte Uptown Mobile Car Service?

Life can feel so hectic sometimes. Between work, driving the kids to sports practice and grabbing the groceries, your schedule fills up fast. A visit to the auto shop is not a task you want added to your filled calendar. Firestone Direct brings the mechanic to you with mobile vehicle services in Charlotte Uptown.

Our NC mobile mechanics travel to where you are in Charlotte Uptown, so your vehicle service doesn't disrupt your day. Services are backed by the Firestone name, and you get the same precise care as you would from your local Charlotte Firestone Complete Auto Care or Tires Plus location, but in an extra convenient, contact-free method. For added confidence, most parts and labor are covered for either 12,000 miles or 12 months from the completion of your service.

Mobile Car Services Available in Charlotte Uptown

Squeaky brakes troubling you at every stop? Or, maybe you have a punctured tire. Whatever needs to be fixed for you to enjoy Charlotte's many destinations, Firestone Direct can lend a hand. Our mobile mechanics in Charlotte Uptown can complete most routine maintenance tasks, including tire repair, tire rotations, engine oil changes, battery checks and replacements, tire changes and brake inspections. Plus, every Firestone Direct service includes a courtesy vehicle check.

We're here for the the little tasks, too. You can trudge to your local auto parts store, hunt down the appropriate replacements and DIY the installation — or you can let your local Charlotte Firestone Direct mechanics take the reins. Our mechanics will have the correct parts from the best brands to perform windshield wiper blade, light bulb, engine air filter and cabin air filter replacements. Schedule an appointment today and reclaim your time.

What Happens During Your Firestone Direct Service in Charlotte Uptown?

With Firestone Direct, mobile car service in Charlotte Uptown is effortless. To schedule an appointment, just provide some basic information. We'll need your vehicle's make, model and year so our technicians can gather the proper equipment and parts for your service. Then, state the address where you'd like the service to happen and choose a date and time that works for you. When it's time for your appointment, our Charlotte mobile mechanics will show up ready and equipped to perform your service.

We ask that we are authorized to service your vehicle at your location, you’re parked on a hard and flat surface (such as your work parking lot or home garage) and we have full and easy access to your vehicle. During your contact-free appointment, you can hang out and relax, send some emails or get a head start on the dishes — whatever you want! Our local Charlotte Uptown mechanics will get down to business and likely complete the full service during your appointment. Still, sometimes a quick follow-up appointment may be necessary.

Car problems don't have to mean disaster. Get the service you need without leaving your home with our Charlotte Uptown mobile car services. Schedule your Firestone Direct appointment today.

Never Wait in a Mechanic's Shop Again

Never Wait in a Mechanic's Shop Again

Firestone Direct lets you have our mobile mechanics service your vehicle right in your driveway, garage or parking spot. Schedule an appointment in minutes.