Mobile Brake Services & Repair in Columbia, SC

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Don't waste time searching for a mechanic near you. Let a Firestone mobile mechanic come to you in Columbia! We offer brake inspections, new brake installations and a Firestone warranty to back it all up.*

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Is It Time for a Brake Service or Repair in Columbia?

Mobile mechanic with flashlight inspecting brake rotor No need to waste time comparing brake repair shops in Columbia. With Firestone Direct, we send the brake specialist right to you! Call us or make an appointment online when your brakes stop performing like you expect. Strange brake performance might include a "squishy" or unresponsive brake pedal, grinding or squeaky brakes, excessive vibration when braking or a vehicle that pulls to one side when braking. Schedule Appointment

Even if your brakes seem to be operating like normal, it can't hurt to book a brake inspection about every 25,000 to 70,000 miles. Review your vehicle manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for more brake service guidelines.

What to Expect from Mobile Brake Service in Columbia

Finish a work presentation or put up your feet at home while our Columbia mobile mechanics fix your brakes. Our two-step installation process is quick and efficient at getting your brakes back in order. In the first part of the appointment, a qualified mobile brake technician in Columbia will inspect your car's brake system and carry out a courtesy check of your tires. The brake specialist will let you know how much your final brake service will cost and schedule the follow-up installation. Our mobile brake specialists are trained to perform through brake checks, replace brake fluid and install new brake pads and rotors (or shoes and drums). And our mobile techs will never recommend a repair you don't really need or perform a service without your permission.

Why Columbia Trusts Firestone Direct Mobile Mechanics

You can trust our trained brake experts in Columbia to get the job done right. Plus, your mobile brake service or repair is covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles, or if a brake fluid exchange is purchased, for 24 months or 24,000 miles. Read for additional information. One of the best benefits of going with a mobile brake service in Columbia, though, is not having to drive to a far-off brake shop and sit in the shop waiting room until your repairs are done. The whole brake service happens right at your home or office in Columbia. Request a convenient appointment today!

*Review warranty details for more info.

Never Wait in a Mechanic's Shop Again

Never Wait in a Mechanic's Shop Again

Firestone Direct lets you have our mobile mechanics service your vehicle right in your driveway, garage or parking spot. Schedule an appointment in minutes.