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Take a break at home while we fix your brakes. Firestone mobile brake mechanics in Hermitage can handle everything from new brake pads to brake fluid replacement.

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When to Schedule Brake Repair or Service with Firestone Mobile Mechanics in Hermitage

Mobile mechanic with flashlight inspecting brake rotor Who has time to search for and compare brake shops in Hermitage? With Firestone Direct, we send the brake specialist right to you! Make an appointment online or call us when your brakes don't feel like they should. Out-of-the-ordinary brake performance can mean a "squishy" or unresponsive brake pedal, grinding or squeaky brakes, a vehicle that pulls to one side when braking or too much vibration when braking. Schedule Appointment

Even if there's nothing blatantly wrong with your brakes, it's smart to get a professional brake inspection about every 25,000 to 70,000 miles. Review your vehicle manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for brake service interval information.

How Our Mobile Brake Service in Hermitage Works

Take a break at home or keep grinding away at work while we service your brakes in Hermitage. Our two-phase installation process is efficient and effective at getting your brakes back in order. During your first quick appointment, a qualified mobile brake technician in Hermitage will examine your brake system and carry out a courtesy check of your fluids and tires. The brake specialist will let you know how much your final brake service will cost and schedule the follow-up installation. Firestone mobile brake technicians are trained and ready to perform brake inspections, replace brake pads and rotors (or shoes and drums) and replace brake fluid. And they'll never suggest a repair you don't need or do any service without a thumbs up from you.

Why Hermitage's Firestone Direct Mobile Mechanics Get Great Reviews

Your car, truck or SUV is in good hands with the brake experts of Firestone Direct. Your mobile brake service is also fully-covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles, or 24,000 miles or 24 months if a brake fluid exchange was performed. Check for additional information. One of the best benefits of choosing mobile brake service in Hermitage, though, is not having to drive to a far-off brake shop and wait in the shop for repairs to wrap up. The whole brake service occurs right at your home or office in Hermitage. Book an appointment now!

*Review warranty details for more info.

Never Wait in a Mechanic's Shop Again

Never Wait in a Mechanic's Shop Again

Firestone Direct lets you have our mobile mechanics service your vehicle right in your driveway, garage or parking spot. Schedule an appointment in minutes.